‘The Journey is Never Linear’

I'm feeling pretty shattered at the moment and rather numb. The saying 'the journey is never linear' is so true. The bubble has burst and I'm really not ready to accept it. Nope, nope, nope. Jessie's upward trajectory was going so well, and to sound as catastrophic as it feels, that trajectory has taken a... Continue Reading →

Handling Aggressive or Violent Teens

Parenting a teenager is a whole new life experience. Particularly for parents who face aggressive or violent teens when they are disappointed or challenged. If you are one of these parents, believe me, you are not alone. There are many mums and dads struggling, faced with the same behaviours in their teens. It's an issue... Continue Reading →

Society’s Abysmal Sex Culture

The motivation for this article on sex culture comes after watching a USA documentary called 'Audrey and Daisy'. It tells the separate stories of two young teenage girls who were raped and filmed by their male 'friends' while passed out, intoxicated. The footage was then shared around. These poor girls were vilified by their peers... Continue Reading →

Why Do Kids Self Harm and What is the Payoff?

The term 'self harm' has many definitions. It is usually defined as the intentional causing of injury to oneself. Self harm includes cutting, hitting or burning oneself, binge-eating or starvation, or repeatedly putting oneself in dangerous situations. So what makes our kids want to self harm? I used to think the driving cause was self... Continue Reading →

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