Maybe Clouds Do Have Silver Linings…

Universe...I hope you're listening - I'm putting it out there. 2018 is going to be our year. And strangely enough, it's going to be our toughest battles that have given us our current goals.  Jessie's times in hospital have inspired her to start her pathway to becoming a registered nurse this year. For me, I... Continue Reading →

An Inspired Jessie Is Hard To Stop

Seeing Jessie's comfort zone expand this year is something I'm loving. I'm equally loving the person she's discovering herself to be. She's been inspired being in Year 10, and as such her motivation levels have increased. The effort she is putting into her schoolwork is paying off with encouraging grades ranging between 83 and 100... Continue Reading →

Realisation and the Burden it Brings

Sometimes I want to lock myself in the boot!! Maybe I could hide from life in there for a little while? Realisation is a positive thing, especially in relation to ourselves. Being self aware gives us the opportunity to learn and grow and improve things about ourselves that we'd like to. Although sometimes I find it a huge burden.

The Clash Between Mental Health & Education

Education and Jessie's mental health have not gone well together well for us. The education system isn't setup for kids like mine. Teachers simply don't have the training needed to help these kids successfully get through. It's a very rigid and structured system that cannot accommodate kids who simply don't fit into square holes. I... Continue Reading →

Why Do Kids Self Harm and What is the Payoff?

The term 'self harm' has many definitions. It is usually defined as the intentional causing of injury to oneself. Self harm includes cutting, hitting or burning oneself, binge-eating or starvation, or repeatedly putting oneself in dangerous situations. So what makes our kids want to self harm? I used to think the driving cause was self... Continue Reading →

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