Handling Aggressive or Violent Teens

Parenting a teenager is a whole new life experience. Particularly for parents who face aggressive or violent teens when they are disappointed or challenged. If you are one of these parents, believe me, you are not alone. There are many mums and dads struggling, faced with the same behaviours in their teens. It's an issue... Continue Reading →

Dealing With Death and Dying

They're not topics I like to talk about. Even though death and dying are part of life, and an inevitability that has affected nearly all of us. Still, I find it so overwhelming. And it never gets easier. I'm unable to get a handle on it. Death is so final. It's one thing you can't... Continue Reading →

Bipolar Disorder: The Effects Of Early Onset

In 2011 my daughter Jessie was diagnosed with Severe Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder which is the precursor to Bipolar Disorder. She was 9. The effects of early onset bipolar seemed to hit quickly, impacting on daily life dramatically. The psychiatrist believed that being predisposed, it was triggered by a sexual assault the previous year. During... Continue Reading →

Narcissistic Personality Disorder – NPD

Narcissism is actually a mental health condition called 'Narcissistic Personality Disorder'. It's been very interesting learning about this disorder. It has given me clarity and understanding, so I thought I'd share. Hopefully my article will give someone else the same. Once you are aware, a narcissist is so easy to pick. A narcissist has an... Continue Reading →

The Fluidity of Relationships

Relationships: "It is extremely short-sighted and ultimately very mistaken to think that anyone is permanently or inherently our friend, enemy, or stranger. If these three positions are so temporary and variable - then who is the proper object of our attachment or hatred?"    - Geshe Kelsang, Buddhist Monk, meditation master, scholar and author.    ... Continue Reading →

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