Giving Kids Language Around Emotions

Language is the most powerful tool we have.   Language gives us the means to: • communicate our thoughts • express our feelings • ask for what we need • negotiate • learn • teach • understand • belong Take a long, deep breath in through your nose...and slowly exhale. Imagine you are in a tiny space, about the size Continue Reading →

The Christmas Boycott of 2016

Christmas Day felt so strange. The whole lead up to Christmas has felt 'dishevelled' to me. It's always been a time of great excitement and enthusiasm, with the tree and decorations put up on December 1. But not in 2016. My daughter Jessie had told her Nanna 6 weeks or so ago that she didn't... Continue Reading →

Manic Depression and its Evolution to Bipolar.

Manic depression was the name previously given to the mood disorder, bipolar. Back in the late 1800's the work of Jean-Pierre Falret, a French psychiatrist, led to the term Manic-depressive psychosis becoming the initial name for this mental illness. He identified the "folie circulaire", the circular insanity of manic and melancholic episodes, interspersed with periods of... Continue Reading →

The Clash Between Mental Health & Education

Education and Jessie's mental health have not gone well together well for us. The education system isn't setup for kids like mine. Teachers simply don't have the training needed to help these kids successfully get through. It's a very rigid and structured system that cannot accommodate kids who simply don't fit into square holes. I... Continue Reading →

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