3.2.1 Quote Me – Honesty & Trust by A Journey in both Strength and Weakness

Wonderful quotes by A Journey in both Strength and Weakness 🙂

A Journey in both Strength and Weakness

First of all, thank you Family Furore, a blog about parenting and mental health, for nominating me to do this wonderful quote challenge. I love quotes, I love the idea that quotes can speak to you with only a few simple words. This was a very hard challenge as there are many great quotes in the world.

Mental Health Warrior


I hope the following quotes speak to you as they did to me.




I do not wish to say why I chose these quotes as I do not want to persuade you to like them because I like them or to understand them in my thinking.

Rather I would like you to interpret these quotes:

What do they mean to you? 

What are they trying to say?

Can you use these quotes in your everyday life?


Thank you so very much for reading. I wish you joy and happiness.


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