Time Lord – Dr Who Fanfic



An inch away from the inevitability of my death, a long foreseen event that has been awaited for many centuries, yet experienced in every one.
There’s screaming as I fall to my knees, but this day has been coming for a long time. My skin grows hot and I know that it’s deathalmost time. 

Someone is trying to hold me as I struggle to support my own weight, but I desperately push them away in fear that their lives will end as well.

The burning becomes stronger and a scream builds up within my throat, yet I try to hold it back. It’s becoming excruciating now, my skin hot enough to burn others through touch. My body begins to glow golden, and I know it’s not long now. I immediately struggle to distance myself from the people trying to aid me. A process that seems more futile by the minute. 

Eventually I am given the opportunity to push away as golden light bursts from my body. I scream in agony as my entire cellular structure is rewritten. Every molecule in my body morphing, developing a new DNA.

The process completes, my body entirely healed, yet entirely changed.



I received a text at 2:30 am with this short story Jessie had just written. A few minutes before that she had sent me her poem ‘Cat is My Name‘. There are certainly worse things a teen could be doing at that time on a Friday night!


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