The Shadow Man


The shadow man who visits me,
Late hours in the night,
He comes and stands within my room,
When there is no light.
Every time I see him there,
I hide under the blanket,
Wishing he would go away,
His presence god I hate it.

He has no face or any features,
He is just that a figure,
That stands within my bedroom’s corner,
All light now a flicker.
Sometimes there’s tapping on my door,
That sounds when he is present,
The only warning that I get,
The sound not at all pleasant.

I shake beneath my blankets safety,
Fear radiating from my core,
This shadow man that haunts my room,
Visits more and more.
I hear screams from the burning damned,
They echo through my head,
When the shadow man is in my room,
Standing near my bed.

Every night he moves in closer,
Inching near I lie,
The tapping I hear every night,
I feel like I may die.
The shadow man is now close to me,
Look at him I refuse,
Under the blankets that keep me safe,
From this hell spawn that’s let loose.

The shadow man soon disappeared,
I had not seen him then for days,
The relief I felt was like non other,
He’d finally gone away.
Then one night I lay awake,
A tap upon the wall,
I turned on the lamp beside my bed,
And heard something down the hall.

‘Tis nothing but the settling house,
I repeated in my head,
The glowing lamp assuring safety,
As I lay back in my bed.
Not a sound was heard again from that,
I laughed quietly in relief,
T’was just false fear working up,
This was my belief.
Then I faced the other way,
As the clock displayed midnight,
The shadow man now right beside me,
Switched off the dimming light.

shadow man1


Jessie wrote this about her shadows.


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