River of Haunted Hearts




T’was a dark and gloomy Autumn night,
By the sparkling river bend,
When he lies among the wilting grass,
Where his lover met her end.

The wind whipped by as cold as ice,
riverTears falling from the sky,
He thought about her love for rain,
As the heavens began to cry.

Her hair like gold and skin like silk,
Her smile like that of bliss,
Her pure existence was angelic grace,
She was all that he would miss.

The river flowed in waves of grief,
It’s waters meeting rain,
He contemplated her end once more,
The weather sensing his pain.

Now the river that had caused one death,
Was now the cause of two,
For he didn’t want to feel this grief,
Drowning in the colours of blue.

Now their souls have found each other,
Their lives no longer more,
Reunited for the rest of time,
Along the rivers shore.

March 2017



Another amazing poem by Jessie, written for an English task.

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