Jessie’s Poetry and Writings

I’m a big fan of Jessie’s poetry and her stories. It’s a fantastic creative outlet for her and she has a talent with words. She had quite a portfolio stored on her laptop which was unfortunately lost when the laptop needed to be reset. Now she sends me her favourites so I can save them here. The only thing I can’t encapsulate in text is the added tone and expression of Jessie reading them, which is a shame. I’m lucky in that I can hear her voice as I reread her work.

I admire her ability to express herself so well via both the written and spoken word. And unlike me, it takes her no time at all to write. But then again, she’s never been one to find herself at a loss for words! I’m happy that despite her long absences from school, her vocabulary skills have continued to thrive.

Jessie’s darker poetry does pull at my heart strings. However her life experiences to date have taught her deep empathy and a strong sense of standing up for the underdog. These are strengths of a good hearted person. She is wise beyond her years and already has so much to give.

The first poem I published of Jessie’s called ‘Try’ is still up in the waiting room of our local CYMHS. Her psychologist liked it so much she asked if they could put it up. She thought every young person who came through the doors would relate and would benefit from that unspoken connection.

jessies poetry

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