Fidget Quilts for Tactile and Sensory Stimulation



fidgetWhen Jessie and I had our stay at Coral Tree Family Services, we were introduced to sensory items and toys, also known as fidget items. They are self-regulation tools that help with calming the mind. By calming an anxious or chaotic mind, children and teens have improved focus and attention, and therefore memory.

Some children have a high threshold to neurological stimulation. They are needing extra-sensory stimulation that their environment isn’t providing them. The more stimulation, the more focused and organised their minds are. With the right amount of mental stimulation, the nervous system is calmed.

A calm mind equals a calm body.

Does your child or teen always have something in their hands? Do they bite their nails? Are they always tapping their foot? Do they become distracted easily?

Fidget Quilts are the perfect sensory item. They provide a combination of textures and an assortment of fidgets to keep hands busy. Keep it somewhere where your child can grab it when they want it. Encourage them to use it while they are watching TV or while you are reading to them as well. Have one for the car as well – perfect for longer trips.


Visit to view or purchase beautiful handmade Fidget Quilts.

All Fidget Quilts are made by my extremely talented Mum. Quilts With Purpose was setup by Mum so she could raise funds for a charity she also volunteers for, Reach Out Nepal. All proceeds go directly to this wonderful charity which you can read more about via either link.





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