Blogger Recognition Award 2017


I’m honoured to be chosen for the 2017 Blogger Recognition Award by Melody Nolan from Treasure Lives. Melody started Treasure Lives in memory of her older brother who sadly committed suicide four years ago. She, and her hard working volunteer Cari, hope to provide support to survivors of suicide and raise awareness of this huge societal problem.

The Blogger Recognition Award doesn’t come in the form of a trophy and an awards night with champagne, canapes and speeches. Much more valuably, it comes in the form of appreciation and gratitude for our writings. It’s a way to acknowledge our talented and respected fellow bloggers and show our admiration for their contributions.

4. You can add two pieces of your best advice.
5. You can choose to award up to 15 of your favourite bloggers.
6. Don’t forget to comment on their blog to let them know.

How my blog began

My blog has bittersweet beginnings, but highlights the lesson that people come into our lives for a reason. The suggestion of starting a mental health blog was given by someone I’d not long met. The idea was that I share my story, as I’m raising a daughter with mental illness. Stories I have! He created a basic website for me that I started using 10 months ago.

I’d never ‘blogged’ before so it was all very new to me – but I really got a lot out of writing. And I still do, so am glad I didn’t give it up when he decided to call me crazy. I was calling him out on his gaslighting and his lies. Ordinarily I would have doubted myself. But instead I decided I was not going to allow myself to be belittled or brainwashed. Neither was I ashamed any longer, or feel lesser than anyone else. So the boyfriend was no longer, and I published my website and created a Facebook page!

Advice for new bloggers

One piece of advice I’d share would be to install Yoast SEO. I’ve found it really useful as it helps me write articles that will rank well with Google. The higher you rate with Google, the higher up in the searches your blog site will appear, giving you more exposure.

Another piece of advice I have is to create social media accounts that you can use to advertise your blog. Setting aside time to interact with others via your chosen social media apps is extremely important in getting followers. I currently have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, Pinterest and an Instagram account which I use to promote my blog and meet and chat with people in a similar situation to myself.

Now for my award recipient selection…






Davina Lytle  
Twitter: @davinalytle  Website:

Davina is a wife, mum and grandmother. She is also a trauma survivor who has bravely battled acute PTSD since the event. I love reading Davina’s blogs as she shares her struggles and fears so honestly and with such humility. She is an inspirational mental illness advocate working towards educating people on the debilitating effects of PTSD and what it’s like living with it on a day to day basis. I’ve formed a lovely bond with Davina and having been through a similar experience I relate to her so well.

Twitter: @madnessofkate  Website:

Kate is a wife and a mum to four, as well as being another inspiring blogger and writer. Kate lives with manic depression and shares her often turbulent days living with the illness. She has a wicked sense of humour which she intertwines beautifully with her moving recounts. I enjoy my friendship with Kate and I admire her incredibly.

Karen Unrue
Twitter: @KarenUnrue  Website: 
Amazon: – Blue Jellyfish Syndrome

Karen is amazing woman. She has come through a traumatic childhood and a long term abusive marriage resulting in her diagnosis of CPTSD. As well as her blog, she has also written a book, ‘Blue Jellyfish Syndrome’, in which she shares her story and wisdom. I love Karen’s sense of humour, and she has a wonderful perspective which I find moreish. Also a trainer and mentor for mental health charities, Karen is such an inspiring woman.

Paul Green – Mindfump
Twitter:  @mindfump  Website:

Paul has a wonderful website with his daily blog about mental illness. He suffers from anxiety and not only shares his own experiences and thoughts, he welcomes guest bloggers and submissions for special topics he creates. It’s a great way to get people involved and spread the word to greater audience. I appreciate the effort Paul puts in and enjoy reading his blogs. His salt and pepper sense of humour he writes with is endearing.

Catherine and Joe
Twitter:  @illuminatedbyu  Website:

Catherine and Joe are two friends who banded together to raise awareness and work towards reducing stigma around mental illness. They also provide resources to support families and friends of sufferers. They, along with guest bloggers, write about various mental illnesses and ways of managing and coping. As well as their blog, they also have podcasts sharing their own experiences and lessons learned dealing with mental illness. Catherine and Joe are incredible women, doing a wonderful job in their advocacy.

Andreas Gerden
Twitter: @andreasgerden  Website:

Andreas is an active mental health campaigner on Twitter who is actively learning to heal from depression and anxiety. He generously writes for @themightysite who give people a platform to share their stories with the aim of offering education and insight. Andreas has also written music to offer comfort to others with depression and anxiety. It can be downloaded from his website.

Megan – The Manic Years
Twitter:  @TheManicYears  Website:

The Manic Years was one of the first sites to request sharing one of my articles, which I gratefully did. Megan is a bipolar II sufferer, writer and advocate for mental health awareness. Her website is a fabulous collaboration of stories written by people suffering various mental health conditions. I love what Megan does. She is encouraging and provides many the opportunity to share their stories.

Mental Mari
Twitter:  @Mental_Mari  Website:

Mental Mari is living with bipolar and PTSD, and writes beautifully about the ups and downs, the mania and the depression. She has written many fabulous articles about her struggles and each one is relatable and pulls at my heartstrings. Her honest recollections have helped me to understand what my daughter goes through, and helped me understand my own PTSD.

Anxiety Warrior
Twitter:  @Anxiwarrior  Website:

Anxiety Warrior writes about living with anxiety, depression and a panic disorder. By sharing,  he makes himself a wonderful advocate for mental health. He writes with such honesty I can feel myself going through the sensations he describes during his panic attacks. Another writer who cleverly combines humour with the unpleasant realities of having a mental illness.

Twitter:  @UnitedAs1Voice   Website:  YouTube:

Josh is huge Star Wars fan and an inspiring young man who has recently suffered trauma resulting in anxiety. His purpose for blogging and vlogging is to bring more awareness to society about mental health. After his diagnosis, he was saddened to see so many suffering alone, and he decided he wanted to help others. His blogs and vlogs are so sincere and helpful and I really admire him so much.

Thank you to all these warriors!!

All the bloggers I have chosen to acknowledge with the Bloggers Recognition Award I feel are huge assets to the mental health blogging community. Some I know better than others, some don’t know me, however I have read their blogs. When I started my blog I had no idea of the awesome people that were out there going through similar things. These wonderful humans make me proud to be part of such a compassionate and real community.

A huge congratulations and thanks to all of you!

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