Semi-colon – Mosaic in the Making

After selling my first semi-colon mosaic I thought I’d make another. This one is bright and colourful, celebrating suicide survivors and the choice made to keep our stories going.

It’s a courageous choice, understanding the depth of the black hole a person is in to want to take their own life in the first place. The Semi-colon Project has been wonderful in raising awareness around suicide, as well as allowing survivors a uniting way to acknowledge our strength in overcoming our darkest days. For dark days that may lie ahead, the semi-colon is also a reminder we do have the strength to get through and that the sun is shining on the other side.

Such an important piece requires my best efforts, so luckily my Quality Control Officer was on dutiful duty! She has a vested interest seeing Meisha Mosaics is named after her, and she’s not about to have her reputation tarnished by sloppy work.

All good to continue…

I had a clear idea of this basic design, using this beautiful sunset stained glass to really highlight the semi-colon. Once I’d finished the stained glass outline, I was stuck in indecision as to what to do next. My idea was to go along the same colourful design lines as Spectrum and the mosaic I made for my brother, but I kept changing my mind as to how I’d start off – would I use the rainbow of stained glass strips outlining the sunset pieces or not was my biggest dilemma at this early stage! I began thinking I’d do the rainbow…

I did one ‘strip’ and then realised I’d want to blend the colours moving into the design of each section, which I didn’t want to practice doing on this piece. It takes a good range of tiles in varying colour shades, and skill I don’t yet have. Colour combos can give me enough of a challenge at this point!

So as you’ll see I changed my mind, yet again, and didn’t continue on that way. It’s been easier but I’m still experimenting with designs and swinging from being confident enough to glue tiles down and then questioning what I’ve done.

It’s kind of growing itself and I’m noticing that purple seems to becoming a dominant colour. It’s not the way I planned it which is why I say it’s growing itself. But that is the beauty of creating as you go along.

One downfall of this haphazard way of making mosaics though, is getting stuck on colour combos amongst surrounding sections. I’m stuck big time on the centre cross section! Initially I thought I’d use differing bright colours to fill in around the hook like shapes, but having used only two colours for the smaller hooks, I’m unsure. I’m worried it’ll just look gaudy, and just now thinking I might leave that section until last.

I have some new supplies coming in, and have already received one beautiful lot of stained glass. I’m so happy, it’s even more lovely than the photos could show, so I’m looking forward to getting my second lot. It’ll give me more choice of colours to use too, so will hopefully help solve my current quandary!

Stunning huh!

So the pressure is off getting the middle section finished, and I’ll continue on with the rest.

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