Boho Mirror Frame Save

I really didn’t want to have to trash this mirror frame after my first grouting fail, both with colour and cracked grout. I’d been adventurous with my grout colour and wasn’t happy with the result, but decided to regrout with black, just leaving the coloured grout between the black framing tiles.

I taped over those tiles and the frame edges to protect them from the new grout and make the job less tricky. Luckily I have my trusted project manager overseeing the grouting this time.

This time grouting was a success and I’m happy with the final look, but will be keeping this one. I grouted over the top of the old grout, as the grout level wasn’t flush with the tiles, but am not 100% sure how the new grout will bond with the old. It should be okay, but I’d feel awful if I sold it only to have bits of grout start falling off for the new owner!

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4 thoughts on “Boho Mirror Frame Save

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    1. Thank you 🙂 A bit better than the first version! I look forward to your post. For some reason I can’t get a good result with paint – keeping it on the grout while cleaning off the tiles. I haven’t got the timing right. I regrouted this one, and it took really well, thank goodness! 🙂
      My tortoise shell loves mosaics, and I’ve heard many cats like to be ‘involved’. I’m glad you have a supervisor too. They’re so funny aren’t they.

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      1. Yes cats seem to always want to be in the middle of everything! My cat likes to watch me do almost every project, no matter what it is. I have quite a few “stories” on my blog where he and his best friend, a panda stuffed animal, go on “adventures” throughout the world (the wonders of photoshop lol). If you go on and search “Foster and Panda” they should pop up. 😊🐱🐼

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