Bubbles For Mr Incredibubble

I started making this one a while ago for an old friend of mine, Justin. He only wanted something small, so I’ve used a 29cm x 21cm piece of MDF.

Being Mr Incredibubble, his only other request was that it have circles to represent bubbles. I’d done a few with circles and wanted to make something a little different.

It’s quite abstract I guess, but I wanted it to be bright to represent all the beautiful colours in the amazing bubbles Justin creates as well. So I got the few circles done, then hit a brick wall. I didn’t want to fill the whole board with circles, because his bubbles aren’t often circular, and the ideas I’d had didn’t look great. So it sat for a number of weeks, quite patiently, as they tend to do thankfully.

Once I’d finally decided on the rough design, it just flowed from there, even down to choosing colours, which is something that usually takes up a lot of time.

I only had two changes of tile colours. Initially I had blue glass melts around the circle on the bottom right, but changed them to the teal glass melts. I also changed the magenta petals near the top right hand corner to navy blue.

I decided to be brave and bold with bright colours and, dare I say without sounding like a wanker, with an abstract representation of the amazing elongated bubbles Justin forms.

I only hope he’s happy with it!

Meisha Mosaics

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