How To Tint Grout as a Final Step

As a self taught, beginner ‘mosaicer’, these tutorials have been a great resource for me. I was reminded about the one below whilst responding to as comment from Piglet In Portugal about painting grout. After watching the tutorial below again tonight, I’ve realised that they are however, only as good as my ability to listen!!

I’d seen this video previously and had a go at colouring the grout of an early mosaic I did, from white to black. It didn’t work out, the paint just wiped straight off, leaving the grout an awful murky grey colour. So my solution – to paint the grout again, leaving it to dry, which naturally it did…on all the tiles as well! Not a smart move, but I knew my failed attempt had to have been an error on my part.

Which it was. The grout cannot have a sealant over it…all my finished mosaics do. Too eager to just do, I didn’t listen carefully, and wrecked a mosaic, it can’t be given away or sold. Some will be the sacrificial lambs to my learning though, and that’s okay. A bit more time and I’ll have the paint off all the tiles, and from a distance it’ll be fine on my wall! I’ve jumped in the deep end and I’m loving it.

Now that I know my error, I’ll give this method another go. I am keen to find out if I can effectively go light to dark this way, as it’s so much simpler than having to chip out all the old grout and start again. It may only give a pastel effect as you see in the video, but we’ll see.

Grout Colouring, by Bisquei Imports

4 thoughts on “How To Tint Grout as a Final Step

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  1. A good tutorial. I have heard acrylic paint works but have yet to try it. Great to see it being demonstrated in practice

    This made me smile:.

    “So my solution – to paint the grout again, leaving it to dry, which naturally it did…on all the tiles as well! ”
    that is so me… you will understand when I post up my Christmas ‘fail’ project.

    What type of glue do you use?

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    1. It is a great tutorial isn’t it! She makes it look so easy, which it probably is if you haven’t already sealed the grout!

      I look forward to reading your post. I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s come up with ‘solutions’ that haven’t gone so well! There is so much to learn!

      I use either a mosaic glue from Mandala Art, or pva glue, but have also just bought a cheap little hot glue gun. I’ve had to reglue a few little tile pieces along the way, and Weldbond glue I’ve seen suggested.

      What do you use? Was there a specific glue recommended in your course? There are so many opinions out there!


    1. I highly recommend giving it a go. You’ve got the creative flair already, making your beautiful quilts.
      It is a challenge sometimes, putting together a design and cutting tiles to the right size or shape, but definitely fun too! 🙂

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