Random Acts of Kindness Award

What an awesomely positive award, and a random act of kindness in itself being nominated by Rory from A Guy Called Bloke, thank you!

Rory’s wonderful blog offers a diverse range of fabulous reading, both serious and lighthearted, so I recommend you head over and check out his website!


I’ve been on both the giving and receiving end of random acts of kindness, and must admit I never really know what to say or how to react being on the receiving end. I question whether I deserve it? I’m not always kind to those who are unkind to me or have taken advantage of me. Does that affect my eligibility to receive kindness? Does that mean I’m an unkind person? If it does, then how is my kindness explained?  *brain explosion* Too many questions!!
I am touched however, by the kindness that is out there amongst the human race I’ve become so wary of. And I do appreciate the pleasure I get by giving to others.

Something that has really touched me, was the love and generosity shown to me by a dear friend of mine. I don’t want to go into all the details, but I’m owed money from a third party that should’ve been repaid months ago. Things have been really tough but my friend knew I wouldn’t accept money, so sought out my daughter, got my bank details and deposited the amount I’m owed. She didn’t tell me, neither did my daughter. I only noticed when I checked my balance. Of course the money helps, but it’s the thought and the action behind it that touches me the most. For me it was a really special gesture, in more ways than one, that got the warm and fuzzies going 😊

Another day when I wasn’t feeling great, sitting in a waiting room a stranger told me my hair smelled nice – it gave me a lift, just when I needed it. I still think of it, and how sometimes something so small can make such a difference, and the woman had no idea the positive impact.

Here are the rules:

  • Tell who you nominate and why.
  • Copy and share the picture that shows the award, posted above (top pic).
  • Share a paragraph about something that impacted your own life in the way of receiving kindness or how you extended kindness to someone else.
  • Nominate anyone or share to your own page if you choose to participate.
  • Tag or pingback to the original person who nominated you, or the original post.


To my nominees, for your support given, and your courage and inspiration in sharing your stories:

Carol anne from Therapy Bits

Kate from The Colour of Madness

Rory from A Guy Called Bloke (I know, you nominated me, we’re supposed to pay it forward, but consider this having gone full circle! You just fit my criteria, so please accept my show of appreciation 😊)

Davina from ; I’m Still Here

Karen from Blue Sky Days 365


random acts of kindness

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  1. Hey Kat, that was a lovely thing that your friend arrange through Jesse, thank you for the nomination, l have a lot going on in my life at present, not all of it wanted with everything currently swirling around, but l will attend to this as soon as l can – Rory 🙂

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