Date is Confirmed for the Tribunal Hearing!

image-31-300x300Woohoo, I’m off to the Tribunal!! 9th August. I’m so happy my application’s been accepted and date set. I finally got all my paperwork together and submitted the application to NCAT (NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal) against the man who took my previous website down.

I have no expectations so as to avoid disappointment, but in saying that my claim is more than fair and reasonable. I’m asking for the monies paid for the work he did a) because he took my website down so I don’t have any of the work I paid for, and b) because by taking my website down, he didn’t supply two months web hosting that was paid for in advance.

I’m also asking (theoretically it turns out) for compensation for the time it’s taken me to build a new website from scratch, and to add the graphics back to all of my posts. The amount I requested equals me spending 17 minutes per post/page replacing the graphics – just choosing and replacing the graphics takes longer than that, and that doesn’t leave anything for the rebuild. I didn’t do my maths very well…it’s not my priority though.

a-150x150I need to ring up and find out how it works with this guy being in Victoria. Does he attend the Tribunal or is it mediated over the phone? They haven’t told me to send in my evidence either, so I need to find out if I just take that in on the day, or what happens?

I do think I’ll walk out of there with some kind of satisfaction, so will take whatever that ends up being. I first reported this guy to Airtasker as that’s where my job was advertised. I sent them in a copy of his message telling me he was taking my site down, and they suggested I take legal action. They emailed me a declaration form to sign so they could give me his address details. NCAT suggested I submit a claim. So I do feel he’ll get a rap on the knuckles of some kind. Whether it’s in the amount I’m requesting, I’ll find out on the 9th!



4 thoughts on “Date is Confirmed for the Tribunal Hearing!

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  1. Woot woot, good news – more of stand by people needs to be made against people who do wrong to people, so well done for taking this further and l also agree let’s hope that the Tribunal sees it your way also. But you have the right date, all the evidence so it should be a clear win.

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    1. Awesome news! And I spoke to NCAT this morning to find out about how it’s going to work with him in another state, and they said he hasn’t responded to them yet. If he doesn’t it’ll be heard without him and I’ll be given what I’ve asked for. I absolutely want to stand up for myself and teach him a lesson. You just can’t do what he did to people, it’s not okay. If I hadn’t been a little smart I would’ve lost all my posts, so it could’ve been worse, but still, a lot of work.

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