#3 Today I’m Grateful For…

This one’s a day late as I was still nauseous last night lol. However today I’m extremely grateful to my parents for inviting me and a friend of mine on a whale watching cruise yesterday. I loved it!! We were lucky enough to see three humpback whales making their way up the east coast – one swimming on its own and two paired up. Seeing them was such an amazing experience and we learnt so much about them from the marine biologist onboard.

Photo taken on cruise, courtesy of my Mumwhale tail

I did get seasick in the last hour, so I’m also grateful to my dear friend for tying my hair back and taking care of me while I was being sick. Yuck. Something only a good friend would do!

Today I’m grateful to have finished sorting out evidentiary paperwork for an application I’ve been procrastinating over.

I’m also grateful for:

  • my printer.
  • Jessie taking the rubbish out.
  • hot chocolate.
What are you grateful for today?


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