Blogger Appreciation Award 2018 – Thank You!

blogger-appreciation-awardA huge thank you to Rory from A Guy Called Bloke, for this Blogger Appreciation award! He has to be one of my greatest supporters which I am really so grateful for. Whilst I don’t write for awards, it’s lovely to be shown appreciation for sharing our stories. Who doesn’t like a bit of that?!

Rory is such a talented writer and poet and a blogger I am in awe of. His work is so diverse and creative and inspired by his own life experiences, including those around mental health issues. I enjoy Rory’s often satirical and tongue in cheek humour and admire his knowledge and skill using the written word.

Rory also writes for another of his websites, The Tee-Shirt Blogger raising awareness around Austism and another of his passions, conservation. Not only can you read his extensive works, you can also purchase any of his eco-friendly products. We love our bags that I bought. My daughter uses hers to carry her things for drama, and I use mine to carry my things for the gym. Head over and show your support!

There’s another very special talent of Rory’s that we pawsitively cannot overlook! He speaks dog! I kid you not, but if you don’t believe me, head over to The Adventures of Doodlepip. Rory translates and pens for his dog Doodlepip who has a blog of her own. She’s a character! She’s enjoying making new friends so if you have a dog and can talk woof, why not translate for a K9 Interview?

So congratulations on your nomination of this Blogger Appreciation Award A Guy Called Bloke! Thank you for what you do. And much gratitude for your appreciation of my blog and choosing me as one of your nominations.


Something positive about me

This is rather difficult. It feels as if I’m being arrogant or self indulgent. Ask me to list my flaws, no problem! My brain is even trying to over-complicate the task by asking “does that mean something positive I do for others? Or does it mean something positive about my personality? Or something positive about me as a person in general?” Procrastination tactic…

Biting the bullet, possibly the most positive thing about me currently is the help and support I enjoy giving in my volunteer work. I’ve learnt so much about the teenage brain and how to parent more effectively over these past 8 years since my daughter’s issues began. I want to give back some of the support and knowledge that has been given to me.


♦ Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link back to their site.
♦ Write a paragraph of something positive about yourself.
♦ Nominate and notify as many bloggers as you wish.
♦ Use the Blogger Appreciation Award image.


My Nominees

The following bloggers and writers I have chosen because I think they are all awesome mental health warriors and advocates who give a lot by sharing their experiences. Mental illness can be isolating for many and it shows others they’re not alone and provides a platform for conversation which is what is needed. Thanks guys!


The Tee Shirt Blogger

Girl In Therapy

The Colour of Madness

Beckies Mental Mess

My Courage To Tell

Tools for Depression & Anxiety


Stigma Fighters

Illuminated By U


Thank you to all of you for your wonderful contributions to the blogosphere! 



One thought on “Blogger Appreciation Award 2018 – Thank You!

Add yours

  1. Wow Kat, well call me Blushy Rory!

    Thank you for the write up, of which l am most humbled by … Scrappy just told me to grow up and stop looking so abashed lol! She also told me to say thank you from her 🙂

    Congratulations on your nomination, good luck to all the other nominees and thank you for the nomination for the Tee Shirt Blogger, l will attend to this in the next couple of weeks.

    It is always so very hard to write something positive about ourselves, l know l struggle terribly as well, but well done for observing these strengths to yourself although there are more … you have patience, kindness and an empathy with others that many would be jealous of. The end result is that you are a caring person and that is a skill these days, so consider yourself worthy of everything you write.


    Sorry for the copy and paste, my site’s having some issues and not allowing some comments to be posted.


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