Maybe Clouds Do Have Silver Linings…

Universe…I hope you’re listening – I’m putting it out there. 2018 is going to be our year. And strangely enough, it’s going to be our toughest battles that have given us our current goals.  Jessie’s times in hospital have inspired her to start her pathway to becoming a registered nurse this year. For me, I went through a period where I didn’t believe I was a good enough mum for Jessie, or able to cope with what we were facing. However last week I had an interview for a position supporting a forum for parents of teens going through hardships. I’m thinking these may be the silver linings to these last seven/eight years?

What’s amazing to me, is that it was my website, 14 months ago, that began my first real connection with my potential employers. I provided a link for their parent support services in one of my initial blogs and had an email back thanking me. So I logged back into the site, and to cut what I could make a detailed story very short, I’ve been part of the community since. The last 6 months I’ve been there as a volunteer and been lucky enough to meet some really amazing friends. I enjoy what I do and it’s been really positive for me. It’s also rewarding being able to give back after all the wonderful support I’ve received over the years.

I’ll stay on volunteering if I’m unsuccessful with this job, and continue on with my studies. To get to the final interview stage is pretty inspiring and tells me I’m on the right path. With no formal qualifications in this field as yet, only life experience, I’m proud to get this far. There will be other doors that open.

My goal had been to finish the Cert IV in Mental Health, then do the Diploma before I looked for work. That way I’d still be around for Jessie if she had any issues. However 3 hours each day with 2 shifts worked from home, is workable. The office isn’t far from TAFE where Jessie will be either, so it all feels right. But then again, so does staying where I am. My role would change and I do like what I currently do. My involvement to date in the forum has provided silver linings to what have previously felt like hopeless situations in my parenting/life. I’ll be happy with whatever the outcome. I’m trusting your choices universe – and I’m trusting you not to let me fuck up!!

believeinyourselfunicornNext week sees Jessie start her studies at TAFE. She’s nervous about first starting, but really excited and keen to study. Last week saw her back to sit a competancy test for a Cert IV course because they were so impressed with her results from the Cert III test. This kid blows me away!! Since Year 4 school attendance has been hugely problematic – she would’ve missed more than 2 years overall. And yet she can impress TAFE teachers. The maths was her downfall as she wasn’t allowed a calculator, so she’s staying with the Cert III, but she’s going to smash it!

She’s bought herself a new bag and pencil case and is packed and ready to go. I’m so happy, nervous, excited for her!! She’s stepping back out into the world to embark on her future. It’s a big move after a couple of years living in the darkness of her bedroom. Tennis was her first step, putting her feelers out there. And then she started a casual job which, with its ups and downs, has been a positive in many ways. Not only has it helped her widen her scope of resilience, she’s enjoying the social aspect of it and realising she is likeable just the way she is. The money is naturally Jessie’s motivation and she’s not without purpose! (⇐ Also a good thing…purpose is a very successful motivator.)

We have high hopes for you 2018. Day by day we’ll live you and it’ll be interesting to look back in 12 months time and see where we’re at and where you’ve taken us 🙂

“Every cloud has a silver lining – sometimes you just have to find it”


4 thoughts on “Maybe Clouds Do Have Silver Linings…

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  1. Good luck with the interview Kat! I bet you will smash it, it really does feel like the stars have lined up! Hearing how Jessie is challenging herself and learning always makes me smile, she is inspiring – nursing sounds like a good fit, she’s a smart young lady and with her courage and your support I have no doubt that she will thrive! Love to you both! xx


    1. Thanks so much Kate, my fingers are crossed! I’m hoping I’ll hear something tomorrow.
      Your comment is so lovely, and we really appreciate your support. Jessie has so much potential, and with this really being where she starts laying the foundations for her life, it’s so fantastic seeing her pumped and excited! Love to you too xx


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