Blogger Recognition Award 2017 (December)

I’m incredibly honoured to be nominated by Rory from AGuyCalledBloke for the Blogger Recognition Award 2017. What makes it such an honour is that Rory’s calibre of writing is outstanding. To be recognised by a blogger I look up to and who’s talent I greatly admire is extremely humbling.

Rory is a mental health advocate who shares with us his wondrous poetry written about a wide variety of topics. They highlight his life thoughts, his sense of humour, his hardships, and his sense of curiosity. Additionally, fellow bloggers are also invited to participate in his Truly Inspired series, so follow the links and check out his works!

A bit about my blog

My blog isn’t dissimilar to many in that I write about my life experiences. To narrow that down a little further, I write primarily under the categories of mental health & parenting. Especially relevant to me as I’m a parent with depression, raising a 15 year old daughter with bipolar, anxiety and PTSD. As you can imagine, it’s given me lots of material!! I also publish my daughter’s poetry and stories on my site. Recipes for good mental health is another sideline I’m very slowly building up.

Advice for beginner bloggers

♦  Write about topics you’re passionate about. It makes writing so much easier!

♦  Show your personality in your works. It allows your readers to form a connection with you.

♦  Use spellcheck or something similar if you’re anything like me – great at editing others work but hopeless at editing my own!

My nominees are:- 

♦  The Adventures of Doodlepip

♦  The Tee Shirt Blogger

♦  The Colour of Madness

♦  Picture The Positive

♦  Breakdown Chick – Labeled Disabled

♦  Mental Illness Psychology

♦  Anxiety Warrior

♦  Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder

♦  A Survivor’s Guide to Living with PTSD

♦  Girl in Therapy


Here are a few simple things to do to participate in the Blogger Recognition Award award:

1. Show your gratitude to the person who nominated you and provide a link back to the person’s blog.
2. Give a brief story on your blog.
3. Share two or more pieces of advice for beginner bloggers.
4. Choose 10 other bloggers to nominate. 
5. Comment on each blog, letting them know they’ve been nominated and provide a link to your award post.





8 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award 2017 (December)

Add yours

    1. Haha, you keep me on my toes Rory! Thank you so much for your nominations and your always encouraging and lovely comments. I’m honoured and extremely grateful to you!


  1. Congratulations of your nomination Kat, very well deserved, and thank you also for the nomination for The Tee Shirt Blogger 🙂 x


    1. Thank you Rory, I’m very flattered. And you so deserve recognition for your amazing writing on The Tee Shirt Blogger! Your awesome products also deserve some extra promotion 🙂 x


  2. Dear Kat, thank you so much for the kind nomination! I’m truly honored.

    My blog is actually called “Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder” which is also the title of my new book. (I need to change the URL which says – I’ve been meaning to do that for years, LOL! ) I’m lazy!

    Anyway, while I’m very honored you selected my blog, I need to respectfully decline as I don’t have the time right now to participate. Once again, I want to thank you very much for including my blog, and I wish you the absolute best!

    Take good care and Happy 2018!
    Dyane 🌞


    1. Hey Dyane, I’ll change the website name for you on here. Time just gets away sometimes doesn’t it, and with so much going on we need to prioritise! It’s my pleasure nominating you, and I totally understand you’re unable to participate. The recognition stands and that’s the reason for the award, so being happy with the nomination is enough for me!
      I wish you all the very best for 2018 as well, and look forward to reading your new blogs 🙂


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