The Devil Has Many Disguises

devilWe’ve met the devil once before. His human form is an Irish truck driver, using many aliases. He sexually assaulted Jessie when she was 8. Then after I left that same year, out of spite, reported to police that I’d asked him for money so I could sell her online as a prostitute. I had my computer seized and was investigated. And for those who don’t know me, that is not something I could even think of, let alone be any part of. The whole thing rocked me for years, but it just shows who he is.

Whilst my website has opened many doors for me, it provided ‘Wayne’ (his latest alias) the perfect cover to fool me into conversation for a short while last night. Pretending to like my blog and comment on how rough things have been, then tell me a worker of his just committed suicide, was the perfect ploy.

Normally I would have ignored messages from someone I didn’t know. These days I’ve been talking to many people though, and I don’t want to ignore anyone reaching out or showing support. However I will be more careful in the future. I’m in a different place now. We’re safe and I’m not shutting down again. ‘Wayne’ has no power over me and his history is recorded with police. While I feel many things about this contact with me, I refuse to allow intimidation to be one of them. Screw that!!

devilI read somewhere last year that he’d been arrested and charged with fraud in 2015 after ripping people off in a building scam. The devil in another disguise. That article revealed two other aliases he was using – one of which I recognised. Using that alias, ‘Rory’ had messaged me five times over 2014 and 2015. I made a phone call the next day…

In our worst times when police were here two or three times a week, one officer in particular took us on. His first visit brought out the father in him. Seeing Jessie so out of control, needing her head knelt on to stop her spitting and biting, then carried out bound feet and wrists, tugged at his heart strings too. Jessie had been interviewed before, but he took another report, and this time against the real Rory. He’s checked in on us, and will continue do to so, so I called him. As it had been over 12 months since the last message, he made a report and we hoped that would be it. If there was any more contact he told me to report it.

This morning I went into the police station and did just that. I made it very clear to ‘Wayne’ that I knew who he was and he was never to contact me again. The Police will also back that up with a phone call to him.

devilWhat astounds me is that it didn’t take much investigation to make the connection I’d actually been chatting with the devil himself. Did he really want me to find out who he was? Did he really think I’d want to have anything to do with him after what he’s done?? Or did he think I was too stupid to figure it out? My gut feeling proved to be correct again.

Last night my mind was just a blur of spinning thoughts. So fast I couldn’t grab a thread to even put into words how I felt or what I was thinking. The only thing I knew was that I had a rock in my stomach and I felt sick. Extremely sick. I still can’t grasp how he could have the nerve to contact me. Or why he’d be stalking me in the first place. Could he insanely have no idea how I’d feel after he sexually assaulted my daughter and upturned our lives?? Too much.

However, as I’ve learnt, all those thoughts are in the past. The past is gone. The future is my choice and I choose to leave those thoughts where they are – behind me. I’m in control this time.

The devil cannot hurt us anymore, we’re stronger than you now.devil

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