The Potent Taurus Super Moon Is In Control

Astrologically speaking, the November super moon will occur when the sun is in Scorpio and the moon is opposite that, in Taurus. This brings to the forefront a sort of tug of war between the powerful, determined, and intense Scorpio energy and the responsible, stability craving Taurus. The resulting clash will create a burst of energy which you can either embrace and grow with, or oppose and struggle against.                                                                                                           –


As the moon controls the tides, the full moon is in control of our energy. Today marks a memorable day, with the moon being the closest to the earth in more than 65 years. A ‘super’ moon they’ve called it.

moonJessie came out to me this morning saying she felt like she was in manic episode. She sounds and looks like she is too, but I have no doubt it’s the moon. Being closer to us, it’s effects are even more magnified. Incessant high speed chatter, over excited giggling, constant twitching and tapping are the most obvious signs. She doesn’t walk, or run, she literally bounces around, becoming puffed as she talks and laughs with such intense energy.

Seeing Jessie happy is so heartwarming. She has such a robust sense of humour, and she searches out things that amuse her during these phases. Smiling and laughing releases dopamine and positively changes the brain’s functioning. It’s certainly better than the lower bell curve that is inevitable after these highs, although just as exhausting! Manic Depression, as Bipolar used to be called, describes the illness perfectly. The highs are manic, Jessie’s energy is huge and all consuming today. But I love it.

She is so cheeky and rude to her mum! I received this text earlier today:



Hilarious! She then came out and gave me a hug and made me a cup of tea, feeling sorry for her poor old technologically challenged mother! I’m really not that bad. But, I do get frustrated sometimes and ask for her help.

With the energy explosion comes a flood of conversation. At times I need to remind her to take a deep breath and slow down so I can understand her. I’m always amazed by her brain and her concepts. She’s quite an alternate soul who sees and experiences things most people have no awareness about. Today in particular she was in her element for free expression.


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