Swapping a Life For Life

I was watching 60 minutes and saw part of the interview with Andrew Denton about Euthanasia. A dying woman was campaigning for it to be legalised in Australia. I think it should be too as we have our cherished pets put to sleep once they are old or their quality of living is non existent due to illness. So why do we make our loved ones suffer through to the bitter end? Crazy…

But so is my idea – and it would be harder to determine qualifying factors.

Consider if somehow we could give away our electrical energy? Swapping a life for life? For each person desperate to escape the pain of their existence, they could give their life to someone who is dying who desperately wants to live. As a result no soul who died by suicide would then carry any burden of guilt, whilst those wanting to survive can be given the gracious gift of life and carry no anger towards tormented souls wanting to end their time.

Impossible, controversial, and worth a conversation on life and death.

I don’t agree with the notion that people who commit suicide are selfish. I think it’s selfish of those left behind, and society, to think it is. For someone to end their own existence, they are broken and tired of surviving. They have been unable to open up, or unable to get the support they need from those close to them. some don’t want any help, they have just had enough of this world. It is our life, consequently we get to choose what we do with it.



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