Distance Ed – “the struggle is real”

Finally I at least know that Jessie has been accepted into Distance Ed. Haven’t received the letter from the Dept of Education despite being told on Monday that it was in the mail. I rang Talavera Road again this morning, because my messages hadn’t been returned all week. I was asked to leave another message which I did – a very long one. The poor woman. I just said that it’s gotten me nowhere being being patient and nice about it, and I’m frustrated to the core.  My daughter’s had 2 days at school this year, the school hasn’t followed through with anything. This application was meant to be heard by the board in week 8 of last term, but I didn’t keep on top of it and the school forgot! I like Jessie’s saying – “the struggle is real.”

And so I waited for a callback from the DET, and was pleased I didn’t need to wait too long. The acceptance letter had been mailed only that morning. I needed to agree to the enrolment, sign the form and return it within 7 days. I was then able to call Heather from Sydney Distance Education High School, who has sent out 3 weeks work for Jessie. Finally! I’m so relieved!!

I was directed to the website and need to fill out and return the required enrolment forms (40 pages in total), along with Jessie’s birth certificate and our family court orders. Jessie will be assigned a teacher in the next week.

Heather rang me first thing this morning to let me know she had received all the documentation from DET.

It had been emailed to her and she offered to forward it to me so I could sign the acceptance form and get it back to DET. Then Jessie’s high school can be informed and get the process underway. So that is all done and emailed back. It’ll be nice to no longer receive a text message every day informing me that Jessie is absent from school and a reason for her absence is required! It is a good system for absentees, but when it is a daily occurrence it becomes a bit tiresome!

I’ve just had a parcel delivered. I haven’t bought anything, but it’s my birthday tomorrow so thought I had a pressie. But even better, Jessie’s school work has arrived. So I’m off, I want to check out what we have!

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