Back to ER – it once felt like my second home…

We had our first visit in a very long time back to our local ER this week. They hadn’t forgotten us though. I didn’t have to give any details, the staff knew us by name, the nurses commented on how much Jessie’s grown, and it was weirdly like catching up with old friends. Over the past few years I’ve been there many times for my daughter. The majority of those times she was sectioned by police under the Mental Health Act.  The remaining visits were for X-rays for what turned out to be imaginary injuries.

She’d eventually get sick of having an injury and would miraculously be able to walk on her foot or use her hand again. One visit was for a real injury. In a rage she had kicked something harder than her foot and chipped a piece of bone off with the ligament. Part of my first aid kit became a set of crutches and support boots, for those times a visit to ER wasn’t required. I’d say she’s outgrown them now.

This visit was for a real injury too. Jessie punched the wall after an argument online. In a rage she then punched it again the next night because she was angry with me. The end two knuckles on her right hand were bruised and looked sunken with the swelling. The nurse thought they were broken and around we went to X-ray.

As we were waiting for the technician we were talking. Jessie was amazed at how hard our walls are and asked how people actually punch holes in the walls! I’m renting so I’m fucked if I’m going to give an instructional answer to that one! Thankfully we don’t live in an old fibro house, I’d have to date a plasterer. I can fill gouges and minor damage, but that’s it.

Results finally came back, and luckily no broken bones. She had her pinky and the next finger strapped together and was told to leave the walls alone. Broken knuckles require a brace keeping all fingers at a right angle to the hand for 4-6 weeks, which would mean no gaming. Scream!!!! After only 2 hours we came home. Our shortest ER stay ever.

I used to have a punching bag hung up outside at our last place. Jessie used to love getting out the gloves and using up some energy. We moved to a unit and unfortunately there’s nowhere to put it here. I suggested she punch her pillows, but she says that doesn’t help, they’re too soft. So I need to get creative and come up with a compromise that won’t cause any real injury when she has escalated and needs a release.

She does amaze me all the time with her growing understanding of her 14 year old self. After this online argument she was able to recognise that she became too rapt up in trying to get her point across that she missed her signals for time out. The result – massive emotions that she can’t control. Many adults don’t have the insight Jessie has. I do believe she’s an old soul, back to conquer new challenges.

As lovely as the ER nurses are, I’d be happy not to be inside those walls at all. I stayed in hospital for less than 24 hours when Jessie was born. Hence my wonder if I knew subconsciously that it would become such a familiar place later in her life?!

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    1. Thank you very much! I wrote my first blog ever in July, so I’m still learning. I enjoy the whole process of putting a blog together, so that helps. I’m glad my site is being received so well.


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