Until Tomorrow Morning…

morningEvery morning he would wait, 

Outside the picket fence, 

For the company of his feline friend, 

And their walk in which was hence. 

The sun would rise and there he sat, 

As his friend soon arrived, 

A ball of fluff with paws to trot, 

An energy that would thrive. 


Together they’d journey onwards, 

Sticking side by side, 

A true friend to one another, 

An ally in which to confide. 

Though their walk would end in time, 

To which they would depart, 

They’d wait until the next morning, 

Friendship in their hearts. 


And thus next the day was the same, 

The everyday routine, 

He would wait for his feline friend, 

For the walk that kept him keen. 

morningAround the block in silence, 

The occasional person would stare, 

Common knowledge of the two, 

To miss their journey found rare. 


And again they’d end and part in ways, 

Until the next sunrise, 

Where they’d meet again forever more, 

An unbreakable bond kept tied. 

The morning walk shared without words, 

Among the calming breeze, 

Not a day missed in years of travel, 

Yet their silence shall never cease. 


Here he waited once again, 

As he had for many years, 

As the sun rose higher above the town, 

And whilst the afternoon neared. 

He waited, and waited, yet here she was not, 

Perhaps she was running late? 

Or maybe he’d missed her and she’d gone alone, 

Perhaps it was just bad fate. 


Yet deep down he knew, 

So one would think, 

That their forever had reached its end 

However he’d spend a lifetime waiting, 

Outside the picket fence. 



Written by Jessie 30 December 2017





  • The Colour Of Madness (January 9, 2018)

    Oh here come the tears! Just beautiful *sob*, Jessie you have so much talent!! xoxo

    • Kat (January 9, 2018)

      She knows how to tap into emotions doesn’t she Kate?! I’ll pass your words on to her 🙂 xx

  • aguycalledbloke (January 5, 2018)

    I think that is lovely, truly, truly lovely – saddened me quite a bit – thinking of the last walk and the love and loyalty. Lovely poem. xx

    • Kat (January 6, 2018)

      Thank you Rory, I’ll let Jessie know. I found the ending sad as well – such a lonely day that would be…

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