The Beauty of Our Planets and Stars



The universe is endless,
And least that’s what we think,
Expanding beyond human reach,
Planets that are linked.

Stars that burn forever more,
Stars that fade away,
Supernovas taking place,
Dying through each day.

Vast beyond our human knowledge,
Things we do not know,plants
But every night we see the sky,
Which puts on a brilliant show.

Planets scattered all around,
In orbit which they lay,
Some with suns and some without,
Some start to decay.

Is life out there within the stars,
Are we not alone?
Far away be sentient life,
On a planet they call home.

The universe is beautiful,
The darkness held at bay,
We dream of stars we hope to reach,
So, so far away.



Jessie’s Poetry – doing an experiment, it took her 6 minutes and 11 seconds. 


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